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   Dimension of plate      184×184 mm (7 inch)
   Work plate material      Glass ceramic
   Motor type      DC brushless motor
   Motor rating input      18 W
   Motor rating output      10 W
   Power      50 W
   Voltage      200-240 V
   Frequency      50/60
   Max. stirring quantity      20 L [H2O]
   Max. magnetic bar      80 mm (L x Ø)
   Speed range      100-1500 rpm
   Speed display      LCD
   Speed display resolution      ±1 rpm
   Protection class      IP21 according to DIN EN60529
   Dimensions      (W x D x H) 215 x 360 x 112 mm
   Weight      5,3 kg
   Perm. ambient Temp      5 – 40 °C
   Permissible rH      0,8
   Ordering information
   Model      Description of Article
   SM-184d      Digital Magnetic Stirrer, working surface 184x184mm glass ceramic, 220V – 50/60Hz