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Category: Incubation - Drying - Heating - Ashing

Incubation - Drying - Heating - Ashing

Incubation, Drying, Heating, Ashing, Climate and environmental simulation belong to main process in all laboratories.
We offer quality equipments meet the highest demands in scientific and industrial fields and enable the accurate laboratory process under consideration quality of life, and safety of people.

We supply a wide range of such products in co-operation with well known Manufacturers to grant You heavy duty devices and preceise laboratory work:


■  Laboratory Incubators
■  Laboratory Ovens
■  Laboratory Furnaces
■  Climate & Growth Cabinets


With our partner we offer You: 

•  user-specific solutions
•  individual advice
•  customer friendly service
•  Quality and delivery reliability



Not all of our products are listed here. If you are looking for a specific product for your project please contact us.