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Magnetic Stirrer







The SCO Tech Magnetic stirrer is suitable for routine laboratory operation with new stirring technology. Heavy duty instrument and easy operation. Available as a classic version or high advanced PC controlled. Wide range of selection to meet your requirement. With or without heating, Stainless steel or ceramic plate
surface. LCD, LED or analogue display.



   Ordering Information:
   Model      Description of Article                                                         
   F101      Protective cover up to 135°C, for models MSH (Ø135mm)
   PT1000-A      Temperature sensor for digital hotplate models, L= 230mm
   PT1000-B      Temperature sensor galss coated for digital hotplate, L= 230mm
   PT-H1      Support clamp of PT1000
   PT-H2      Support clamp of PT1000 for Model SMH-L
   Stirring bar
   SBAR-10      Stirrer bar (10mm x 6mm)
   SBAR-15      Stirrer bar (15mm x 8mm)
   SBAR-20      Stirrer bar (20mm x 8mm)
   SBAR-25      Stirrer bar (25mm x 8mm)
   SBAR-30      Stirrer bar (30mm x 6mm)
   SBAR-40      Stirrer bar (40mm x 8mm)
   SBAR-51      Stirrer bar (51mm x 8mm)
   SBAR-65      Stirrer bar (65mm x 8mm)
   SBAR-80      Stirrer bar (80mm x 13mm)
   SBAR-r      Bar removal