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Compact bench top autoclave


Heavy duty with hight safety and simple operation.

Multipurpose laboratory use at effective price.






Compact bench top autoclave



• Fill Water System:      Manually
• Temperature Display:      Pressure / temoperature Gauge
• Pressure Display:      Pressure / temoperature Gauge
• Progrom (Function) Display:      LED Display
• lndicalor Light:      Power, heat, sterilization, complete
• Program for Select1on:      Sterilization tims select 8, 33 min
• Starilization Temp. Selection      122 °C (1,4 kg/cm²)
• Dry Function      N/A
   Model      AH-16p
   Product name:      (Class-N) Bench-top Type Autoclave
   Overall Dimensions:      335   X 430 x 600 mm   (W x H x D)
   Construction:      Chamber & Door: Stainelss steel 304
   Gross weight      15,5 kg
   Chamber Dimensions:      230 x 410 mm( Ø x D )
   Chamber Capacity:      16 Liters
   Max. Sterilization range:      134°C / 2,0 bar
   Capacity of water tank:      N/A
   Wafer consumption per cycle:      250 cc
   Power Supply:      230 V, 50-60 Hz
   Power Consumptions:      1400 W, 7 A
   Certificate:      CE
   Safety Device:
   Pressure Salety Valve:      Setup to 1,7 kg/cm²
   Over-pressure Protection:      Via Pressure Protection Switch
   Over-heated Protection:      Yes
   Electrlc Over load Protection:      10 A, No Fuse Breaker X 2
   Door Salety holder:      Yes
   Pressure Door Auto-Lock:      N/A
   Emergency exhaust valve:      Yes
   Standard Accessoires:      1x Sterilization Box: ( LxWxH ): 336 x 174 x 118 mm
     1x Heater cover   / Material: Stainless Steel 304
   Optional Accessories      1x Tray set : ( 3x Tray, 1x Tray frame, 1x Holder )
     2x Spring Holder (Pouch Rack ) Material: Stainless Steel 304