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AH – B1 Series

Professional dental autoclave


Professional dental autoclave in high quality for an economic price.



Professional dental autoclave


This new designed SCO Tech dental autoclave has a opening water tank on the top. It strictly meet the standard of EN13060,which makes washing and cleaning much more convenient. The SCO Tech dental autoclave adopts the European B standard with 3-times pre-vacuum perceding cacuum drying. Whether solid or A-type hollow,whether with multi-apertures or inset pipes, it efficiently tidy air from every hollow area Vacuum measurement with up to -0.8bar. It sterilizes and sanitizes miscellaneous packed or unpacked medical instruments of any hollow instrument, such as hand-piece, making sure that water steam reaches every corner. SCO Tech dental autoclaves are all-round computerized and fuzzy controled. The digital display is a modularized panel for a easy operation. It is installed with BOWIC&DICK which measures the penetration of water steam. A mini printer can be attached to record the process of sterilization.



Order Informations:


   AH-B1-12      Steam Sterilizer,  12 liter, 220V  50/60Hz
   AH-B1-18      Steam Sterilizer,  18 liter, 220V  50/60Hz
   AH-B1-23      Steam Sterilizer,  23 liter, 220V  50/60Hz