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Biomedical Waste Shredding Machine

Biomedical Waste Shredding Machine

An effective shredding mechanism used a crocodile Bite method.
The crocodile bite technology is operates with ‘V’ shaped fixed cutter & multiple rotary shearing discs. 


The noninledious Biomedical waste shredding machine is used to destroy waste such as  Syringes, scalpels, glass vials, blades, plastics, catheters, broken ampules, intravenous sets/bottles, blood bags, gloves, bandages etc.

Shredding is a process by which waste is de shaped or cut in to smaller pieces, so as to make Ihe waste unrecognizable. It helps in prevention of reuse of noninfedious Biomedical waste and also acts as an identifier that the waste is safe to dispose off.