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Escherichia coli smear

Escherichia coli smear

Microbiology prepared slides







Microbiology prepared slides -Escherichia coli smear:



This is a very nice teacher training school biology , Biology Lab Equipments microbiology prepared slides named Escherichia coli smear, a typical Gram-negative slides.
1″ × 3″ (25 × 76 mm) glass slides are accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a sharp image.
All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine storage box.
This slide is excellent for educational use , which will assist students and teachers in learning about unicellular microscopic tissue and students can find a lot of fun.



Manufacture Process:


Dyeing→ Dehydration→ Embedding→ Sectioning→ Unfold→ Drying→ Dewaxing→ Sealing piece→ Test→ Drying→ Quality inspection



Various micobioloy prepared slides:


Microbiology section: Procaryon Microbiology section. Eucaryon Microbiology section. Virology section. Bacteria structure section and immunology section.
Staining method: Gram Staining, Corbolic Fuchsin staining, Flagella staining, Capsule staining, Bacillus staining.





   S – YBB160030      Saccharomyces W.M.
   S – YBB160040      Penicillium W.M.
   S – YBB160070      Aspergillus W.M.
   S – YMI010030      Rhizopus stolonifer W.M.
   S – YMI010040      Septate hypha W.M.
   S – YMI010050      Nonseptate hypha W.M.
   S – YMI010060      Actinomycets W.M.
   S – YMI030010      Staphylococcus smear
   S – YMI030020      Streptococcus faecelis smear
   S – YMI030030      Micrococcustetragenus smear
   S – YMI030040      Sarcina smear
   S – YMI030050      Staphylococcus Epidermis idia smear
   S – YMI030060      Gonococcalinfection smear
   S – YMI030090      Candida albicans Smear.
   S – YMI030090      Streptococcus pyogenes smear
   S – YMI030100      Staphylococcus aureus smear
   S – YMI030130      Streptococcus sanguinis smear.
   S – YMI030140      Streptococcus lactis smear
   S – YMI040010      Escherichia coli smear
   S – YMI040020      Bacillus subtilis smear
   S – YMI040040      Cryptococcus neoformans
   S – YMI040050      Proteus smear
   S – YMI040060      Aerobacter aerogenes smear
   S – YMI040080      Cl.perfringens W.M.
   S – YMI040070      Bacillus anthracis smear
   S – YMI040080      Clostridium perfringens smear
   S – YMI040090      Shigella sonnei smear
   S – YMI040100      E.rhuriopathiae smear
   S – YMI040110      Bac. Thuringiensis smear
   S – YMI040120      Salmonella typhi smear
   S – YMI040130      Br.obortus smear
   S – YMI040140      Pasteurella maltocida smear
   S – YMI040150      Listeria monocytogenes smear
   S – YMI040160      Mycobacterium tuberculosis smear
   S – YMI040170      Corynebacterium diphtheriae smear
   S – YMI040180      Clostridium botulinum smear
   S – YMI040190      Clostridium tetani smear 
   S – YMI040200      Pseudomonas aeruginosa smear
   S – YMI040220      Brucella abortus smear
   S – YMI040240      Bacillis cereus smear
   S – YMI040250      Proteus vulgaris smear