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Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography







Gas Chromatograph


is made according to international standards; its technical feature and index are conform with updated analytical level.
The GC-342 is a cost effective gas chromatograph with highly developed self-diagnostic, selfprotective functions, simple operation and user friendly. All parameters can be entered via keyboard.

The GC-342 is a flexible instrument with wide choice of detectors, injectors and columns that can be set in various combinations according to customer’s applications.

The GC-342 gas chromatograph is suitable for quality control in various fields in chemistry, medicine and food industries, and also applicable to quarantine, environment protection, quality supervision, oil, petrochemical industry, forensic analysis, agriculture and commodity inspection.





   Column oven
   Operating temperature range      ambient temperature to 400°C;
   Dual opening-door      at the back of column oven;
   Cooling time      250°C to 50°C in 5 min;
   Programmable oven      with 4-ramp temperature control;
   programming rate      0.1~50°C /min
   Injector system
   Operating temperature range      ambient temperature to 400°C



Thermal conductivity detector -TCD:


   Maximum temperature      400°C
   Sensitivity      ≥10000mV mL/mg (for butane)
   Linear range       105 .
   Current range      50 to 400mA


Filament protection:


If He or H2 carrier gas flow in the detector cell is cut off for 4 minutes, filament power will be shut off automatically



Flame ionization detector – FID:


   Maximum temperature      400°C
   Minimum detectivity      ≤5×10-12 g/s (n-C16)
   Linear range      107.
   Flameout hint      monitoring the status of GC continuously after being turned on
Electron capture detector – ECD:


   Maximum temperature      400°C
   Minimum detectivity      ≤0.1pg/mL (Y-666)
   Linear range      104.
   Emission source      11m C63 Ni
Flame photometric detector – FPD:


   Maximum temperature      400°C
   Minimum detectivity      [P] ≤2×10-12 g/s (tributyl phosphate), [S] ≤2×10-10 g/s (p-methylsulfurphosoharous)
   Linear range      [P]:105  [S]:103
   Two air-hydrogen flames      For large volume injection or trace sample injection analyses;
   Single air-hydrogen flame      Sulfur sensitivity can be increased;
   Direct output      For phosphorus or sulfur analyses;
   Square-root output      For sulfur analyses;
   Exposed-light protection      When exposed-light current is more than 12ìA, high voltage will be cut off automatically.
Nitrogen-phosphorus detector – TSD:


   Maximum temperature      400°C
   Minimum detectivity      [N] ≤2×10-13 g/s (azobenzene), [P] ≤1×10-13 g/s (malathion)
   Linear range      [N]:105  [P]:104




   Ordering Information:


   Model      Description of Article                                                         
   GC-01       Base + FID + Packed Inj.
   GC-02       Base + TCD+ double Packed Inj.
   GC-03       Base + TCD + FID + double Packed Inj.
   GC-04       Base + TCD + FID + Packed Inj. + capillary Inj.
   GC-05       Base + FID + capillary Inj.
   GC-06       Base + FID + ECD + double packed Inj.
   GC-07       Base + FID + ECD + packed Inj. + capillary Inj.
   GC-08       Base + FID + TCD + ECD + FPD + double packed Inj.
   GC-09       Base + FID + TCD + ECD + FPD + packed Inj.+ capillary Inj.
   GC-10       Base + double FID + double packed Inj.
   GC-11      Base+ double FID+ packed Inj.+ capillary Inj.
   GC-12       Base + FID + packed Inj. + capillary Inj.
   GC-13      Base + FID + FPD+ packed Inj.+ capillary Inj.

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