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Hydra with bud w.m. zoology prepared slides

Hydra with bud w.m. zoology prepared slides

zoology prepared slides






Zoology prepared slides -Hydra with bud W.M. :


   Product name:       Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.
   Type:       zoology prepared slides
   Structure:       seeing the Hydra tentacle,gemma,basal disc sturcture under bologcal microscope .
   Staining method:       Alcohol magenta staining
   Customers:       All levels of students/
      home school programs (school,students,teachers,scientists,Scientific research personne)
   Material:       Extract from fresh material, general glass, blank microscope glass
   Size:       76.2×25.4×1-1.2mm (3”x1”) length / width / thickness
   Packing:       We have 6/10/15/25/30/50/100pieces plastic slides box for one set, 
      and 10/12/15/16/26/50/100 pieces wooden slides box for one set.
   Label:       We make the label by ourself ! usually in english languages, 
      or at your requirement (Customer could choose to print labels in any languages)
   Price:      We are direct factory ! Welcome to inquiry !!





  • Extract from fresh material.


  • Keep whole structure.


  • Clearly cell tissue, keep original shape.