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Linear shaker

Platform Shakers


Digital linear shaker with Universal attachment, 110/220V 50/60Hz.






Platform Shakers 


The SCO Tech platform shaker is a heavey duty compact, flat orbital / Linear shaker with accurate motion. The speed and time control is shown via a digital display. It is micro-processor driven controled with an extra overload control. A big variety of accessories can be choosed for the SCO Tech platform shaker to allow the user requirement. It is easy to operate and high safety.


Advantages of the SCO Tech Platform Shaker:


Compact, flat orbital / Linear shaker with an ideal swivel motion
Digital display for speed and time
Electrical adjustment of speeds
Time setting: 1 – 1199 min or continuous operation
With constant torque through micro-processor-driven control
Drive secured against overload
Intrinsically safe by permanent supervision of all electric components
Universal attachment (accessory) allows to use almost all shapes and sizes of vessels
An RS 232 interface makes it possible to control and document all functions with a PC






Shaking typ Linear
Max. shaking weight SHH-1   2.5 kg (with attachment)
SHH-2   7.5 kg (with attachment)
Speed range 100 – 350 rpm
Speed display LCD
Time setting range 1 – 1199 min
Timer display LCD
Run type Timed / Continuous operation
Motor type DC brushless motor
Voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Overall dimensions (DxWxH) 340 × 30 0× 100 mm
Permissible ambient temperature 5-40 °C
Permissible rH 80%
Protection class IP21
Interface RS232
Approval CE
Ordering Information:


Article No. Model Description of Article
0.557.001 SHH-1 Digital Linear Shaker with Universal attachment, max. load 2,5 kg, 110/220V 50/60Hz
0.557.003 SHH-2 Digital Linear Shaker with Universal attachment, max. load 7,5 kg, 110/220V 50/60Hz
Accessories for SHH-1
0.557.030 SA 1.1 Universal attachment with 3 bars
0.557.031 SA 1.2 Fixing clip attachment
0.557.032 SA 1.3 Lengthways Roller Attachment
0.557.033 SA 1.4 Dish Attachment (with slip-resistant foil)
0.557.034 SB 1.1 Bar for Universal attachment SA 1.1,black
Accessories for SHH-2
0.557.035 SA 2.1 Universal attachment with 4 bars
0.557.036 SA 2.2 Fixing clip attachment
0.557.037 SA 2.3 Lengthways Roller Attachment
0.557.038 SA 2.4 Dish Attachment (with slip-resistant foil)
0.557.039 SB 2.1 Bar for Universal attachment SA 2.1,black
Clip attachment for SHH-1 and SHH-2
0.557.040 SC 25 Fixing Clip For flask volume 25 ml
0.557.041 SC 50 Fixing Clip For flask volume 50 ml
0.557.042 SC 100 Fixing Clip For flask volume 100 ml
0.557.043 SC 250 Fixing Clip For flask volume 200/250 ml
0.557.044 SC 500 Fixing Clip For flask volume 500 ml