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Automatic Digital Polarimeter Type PAD 300


 from -45° to +45°,from -120°Z  to +120°Z.








is used by measurements of optical rotation and saccharinity.


Our Automatic Digital Polarimeter Type PAD 300 is developed and optimised to meet our customer’s requirements and offer an optimal high-performance measurement of optical rotation or saccharinity with high accuracy results.



  • High Precision – through photoelectric test and microcomputer control
  • Easy, simple and friendly to operate through with it clear display 
  • LCD-Display with soft key pad
  • A wide measuring range from -45° to +45°, or from -120°Z  to +120°Z
  • High Accuracy from    ±(0.01°+0.05%), ±(0.03°Z+ 0.05%)
  • High Resolution (0,001°)
  • Connection to PC possible through RS232 Interface






   Measuring Range    from -45° to +45°,from -120°Z  to +120°Z
   Resolution:    0.001°
   Accuracy:    ± ( 0.01°+0.05%),±(0.03°Z+ 0.05%)
   Repeatability:    ±0.003°, ±0.03°Z
   Transmittance:    min.10%
   Weight:    28kg
   Dimension:    600mm×310mm×212mm



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   PAD_300    Automatic Digital Polarimeter