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Automaitc Digital Refractometer






Automatic Digital Refractometer


Experience the RAD-3000: A precise refractometer with a wide measuring range of Refractive index ND: 1.3000-1.7000 and Brix(BX-TC): 0-100%; Brix(BX): 0-95%. Achieve high measuring accuracy with Refractive index ND: +/-0.0002 and Dissolved solids Brix: +/-0.1%. Benefit from exceptional measuring resolution: Refractive index ND: 0.00001 and Dissolved solids Brix: 0.01%. The RAD-3000 also offers a temperature display range of 0-50°C and thermostatical control range of room temperature +/-10°C. Trust in its precision and versatility for various research applications. Explore the RAD-3000 on our website now!




Measuring range: Refractive index ND: 1.3000-1.7000;
Brix(BX-TC): 0-100%
Brix(BX): 0-95%
Measuring accuracy: Refracti8ve index ND: +/-0.0002;
Dissolved solids Brix: +/-0.1%;
Measuring resolution: Refracti8ve index ND: 0.00001;
Dissolved solids Brix: 0.01%;
Temperature display range: 0-50 °c
Thermostatical control range: Room temperature +/-10° C
Weight: 3 kg
Overall dimensions: 330 x 214 x 150 mm
Supplier / Origin : SCO-Tech / Germany