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Root of Zea mays T.S.

Root of Zea mays T.S.

root of Zea maysT.S.






Monocot root prepared slides-root of Zea mays:



   Product name:      root of Zea maysT.S.
   Type:      Typical Monocot root prepared slides/Botany prepared slides
   Structure:      seeing the Seeing the root of Zea mays including cuticle,cort,
     endod ermis,pericycle,xylem,liber,central catheter sturcture under bologcal microscope .
   Staining method:      safranine—fast green staining.
   Customers:      all levels of students/
     home school programs(school,students,teachers,scientists,Scientific research personne)
   Material:      Extract from fresh material;general glass,blank microscope glass
   Size:      76.2×25.4×1-1.2mm(3”x1”) length/width/thickness
   Packing:      We have 6/10/15/25/30/50/100pieces plastic slides box for one set,
     and 10/12/15/16/26/50/100pieces wooden slides box for one set.
   Label:      We make the label by ourself ! usually in english languages;
     or at your  requirement(Customer could choose to print labels in any languages)
   Price:      We are direct factory ! Welcome to inquiry !!



Various High quality botany prepared slides:



Palnt school Phytobiology section: Plants cell and tissue section. Plant seed section.
Plant root and modified root section. Plant leaf and modified leaf section.
Plant flower and growth process section. Plant embryos and fruit section.
Phycophyta section. Fungi section. Bryophyte section.Fern section etc.
All section of phytobiology are more than 400 varieties and superior quality.






   S – YBB010010      Epidermis of Allium cepa W.M.
   S – YBB010040      Root tip of Allium cepa L.S.(show mitotic division)
   S – YBB010530      Stem of monocotyledon T.S.(show closed bundle)(Zea mays)
   S – YBB010540      Stem of dicotyledon T.S.(show open bundle)(Helianthus annuu)
   S – YBB010570      Lower Epidermis of Iris tectorum leaf W.M.
   S – YBB020010      Seed of Triticum aestivum L.S.
   S – YBB020020      Seed of Zea mays L.S.
   S – YBB020060      Seed of Pinus tabulaeformis L.S.
   S – YBB020170      Seed of Solanum tuberosum L.S.
   S – YBB030010      Root tip of Zea mays L.S.
   S – YBB030020      Young root of Zea mays T.S.
   S – YBB030050      Young root of Vicia faba T.S.
   S – YBB030090      Old root of Vicia faba T.S.
   S – YBB030120      Young root of Helianthus annuu T.S.
   S – YBB030130      Old root of Helianthus annuu T.S.
   S – YBB030150      Young root of Gossypium hirsutum T.S.
   S – YBB030430      Root tip of Allium cepa T.S.
   S – YBB030450      Metamorphic root of Beta vulgaris Linn T.S.
   S – YBB040030      Stem of Zea mays L.S.
   S – YBB040070      Old stem of Helianthus annuu T.S.
   S – YBB010260      Stem of Helianthus annuu L.S.
   S – YBB040120      Young stem of Vicia faba T.S.
   S – YBB040240      Young stem of Tilia T.S.(show primary structure)
   S – YBB040250      Annul stem of Tilia T.S.
   S – YBB040260      Biennial stem of Tilia T.S.
   S – YBB040270      3-year stem of Tilia T.S.
   S – YBB040280      Perennial stem of Tilia T.S.
   S – YBB040290      Tilia macerated W.M.
   S – YBB040300      Annual stem of Populus T.S.
   S – YBB040310      Biennial stem of Populus T.S.
   S – YBB050010      Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.
   S – YBB050040      Leaf of Vicia faba T.S.
   S – YBB050050      Leaf of Triticum aestivum T.S.
   S – YBB050060      Leaf of Zea mays T.S.
   S – YBB050070      Leaf of Pinus T.S.
   S – YBB07001A      Upgrowth of Wheat Embryo (4 pcs.)
   S – YBB07001Ⅰ      Metazoa proembryo of Wheat sec.
   S – YBB07001Ⅱ      Pear Shape Proembryo of wheat sec.
   S – YBB07001Ⅲ      Differentiation period of Wheat Embryo sec.
   S – YBB07001Ⅳ      Maturity Embryo of Wheat sec.
   S – YBB07002A      Embryonic development of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
   S – YBB07002Ⅲ      Globular embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
   S – YBB07002Ⅳ      Heart-shaped embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
   S – YBB07002Ⅴ      Torpedo stage of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
   S – YBB07002Ⅵ      Mature embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
   S – YBB080010      Chroococcus W.M.
   S – YBB080020      Microcystis W.M.
   S – YBB080030      Ocillatoria W.M.
   S – YBB080040      Spirulina W.M.
   S – YBB080050      Nostoc W.M.(hematoxylin staining)