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Sartorius Talent


Sartorius Talent

1.490,00 750,00

Sartorius Talent Analytical Balance, capacity: 210 g, 0.1 mg


Sartorius Talent
Electronic analytical balance, with 7-segment display, stability, indicator and 4 selectable filter levels, plus optimized display update rate.

   Weighing capacity      210  g
   Readability      0.1 mg
   Tare range (subtractive)      210  g
   Repeatability      0.1 mg
   Linearity      0.2 mg
   Pan size (diameter)      90 mm
   Bal. housing (WxDxH)      200x270x299 mm
   Weighing chamber (WxDxH)      165x138x220 mm
   Net weight      approx. 3.2 kg