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Double BeamUV/VIS scanning Spectrohotometer


UV/VIS scanning Spectrohotometer double beam, PC control, 190~1100 nm.





Double Beam


The next generation of the SPUV-21 model.



Experience the cutting-edge SCO Tech SPUV-2200, a double beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer, boasting fully automatic and PC-controlled scanning capabilities, offering advanced performance characteristics.

This product features state-of-the-art stray light technology and lamp peak seeking mechanism, ensuring an ample light energy with a straightforward mechanism, while effectively minimizing stray light to a level less than one in 100,000. Benefit from its high-resolution signal acquisition system and top-quality electrical systems, including a high-performance weak signal program-controlled amplification system, multi-stage filter signal processing system, and high-performance analog-to-digital conversion system, ensuring unparalleled stability and accuracy in measurements. Explore the possibilities with the SPUV-2200, a pinnacle of reliability and precision in spectrophotometry.








   Wavelength Range:      190~1100 nm
   Spectral Bandwidth:      0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 nm variable
   Wavelength Accuracy:      ±0.3nm (0.15nm if required)
  Wavelength Reproducibility:      0.1nm
   Photometric Accuracy:       ±0.3%T (0-100%T), 
  Photometric Reproducibility:      0.1%T
   Baseline Flatness:      ±0.0008 Abs
   Photometric Range:
    -5 Abs to 5 Abs
   Working Mode:                     T, A, C, E
   Stray Light:        ≤0.001%T (220nm NaI, 360nm NaNO2)
   Stability:      0.0002 Abs/h (at 500nm, after warming up)
   Detector:        high performance PMT and silicon photodiode
   Light Source:      famous brand tungsten and deuterium Lamp
   Power:      AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 400W
   Dimensions:       73x53x23 cm
   Weight:       40kg



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   Model      Description of Article
   SPUV-2200      UV/VIS scanning Spectrophotometer double beam, PC control, 190~1100 nm