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are used to measure the surface tension of liquids or surfaces.




Measurement & Testing


Unlock the potential of precise measurement with our Surface/Interfacial Tensiometer – the ideal device for determining water (soil moisture) potential tension in the vadose zone. Widely used in various industries, it is perfect for inspecting insulation oil materials in irrigation works and electric power departments. Additionally, it plays a significant role in research and education in petroleum, chemical engineering, and science academies.

Our Surface/Interfacial Tensiometer complies with industry standards, including JB/T9388, ISO 1409, ISO 6295, and ASTM D971-99a, ensuring accurate and reliable results for your testing and research needs.

Explore the power of precise measurement with our Surface/Interfacial Tensiometer. Elevate your investigations in soil moisture and insulation oils with this advanced instrument. Visit our website now to discover more about its capabilities and find the perfect solution for your applications. Take your scientific endeavors to new heights with our reliable and efficient Surface/Interfacial Tensiometer.






   Model TENS-180 TENS-201 TENS-202 TENS-203
  Measuring range 0~180 mN/m 0~200 mN/m 0~200 mN/m 0~200 mN/m
  Min. dial scale/ resolution 1 mN/m 0.1 mN/m 0.01 mN/m 0.01 mN/m
  Measuring method Manual Automatic Automatic PC Automatic
  Display Dial scale Digital LCD Computer Screen
  Platinum ring radius 9.55 mm
  Platinum torsion wire 0.3 mm
 Platinum ring perimeter length 60 mm
  Sample tray stroke 25 mm
  Glass cup volume 60 ml
  Sample tray speed Manual                                   15 mm/min    ±2 mm/min
  Power supply NO                                     220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz
  Display Dial scale Digit display LCD display PC screen
  Micro-printer No Yes (optional) YES A4 printer


Order Informations:



4.219.180 TENS-180 Manual Tensiometer, Dial display
4.219.201 TENS-201 Automatic Digital Tensiometer, 0~200 mN/m, 0.1 mN/m
4.219.202 TENS-202 Automatic Digital Tensiometer w. LCD display & printer, 0~200 mN/m, 0.01 mN/m
4.219.203 TENS-203 PC controller Automatic Tensiometer w. printer, 0~200 mN/m, 0.01 mN/m
4.219.204 TENS-PR Extra Platinum ring