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Tongue sec. (show intertal structure)

Tongue sec. (show intertal structure)

Histology prepared slides






Teaching biological histology prepared slides -Tongue sec. :



   Product name:      Tongue sec.(show intertal structure)
   Type:      Histology prepared slides
   Structure:      seeing the tongue intertal structure including filiform papillae, 
     muscular layer under bologcal microscope .
   Staining method:      HE
   Customers:      All levels of students/
     home school programs(school,students,teachers,scientists,Scientific research personne)
   Material:      Extract from fresh material;general glass,blank microscope glass
   Size:      76.2×25.4×1-1.2mm(3”x1”) length/width/thickness
   Packing:      We have 6/10/15/25/30/50/100pieces plastic slides box for one set, 
     and 10/12/15/16/26/50/100pieces wooden slides box for one set.
   Label:      We make the label by ourself ! usually in english languages;
     or at your requirement(Customer could choose to print labels in any languages)
   Price:      We are direct factory ! Welcome to inquiry !!



Manufacture Process:


Dyeing→ Dehydration→ Embedding→ Sectioning→ Unfold→ Drying→ Dewaxing→ Sealing piece→ Test→ Drying→ Quality inspection


Various histology prepared slides:


Histology section: Epithelial tissue section. Connective Tissue section. Muscle tissue section. Nervous system tissue section. Circulatory system tissue section. Immunologic system tissue section. Endocrine system tissue section. Digestive system tissue section. Respiratory system tissue section. Urinary system tissue section. Genital system tissue section. Sense organ tissue section.





   S – YHE010010      Surface of Simple squamous epithelium(silver staining)
   S – YHE010020      Simple squamous epithelium sec. 
   S – YHE010030      Pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium sec.
   S – YHE010040      Transitional epithelium(vesica urinaris relaxing)sec.
   S – YHE010041      Transitional epithelium(vesica urinaris dilating)sec.
   S – YHE010050      Simple cuboidal epithelium sec.
   S – YHE010060      Stratified squamous epithelium sec.
   S – YHE010070      Stratified columnar epithelium sec.
   S – YHE010080      Simple columnar ciliated epithelium sec.
   S – YHE020010      Loose connective tissue W.M.
   S – YHE020020      Loose connective tissue sec.
   S – YHE020030      Dense connective tissue sec.
   S – YHE020060      Hyaline cartilage sec.
   S – YHE020080      Elastic cartilage sec.
   S – YCG020040      Blood of Human smear(RE )
   S – YCG020050      Blood of Human smear( stained with Giemsa)
   S – YHE020140      Blood of Horse smear
   S – YHE020150      Blood of Bull smear
   S – YHE020160      Blood of Galus domesticus smear
   S – YHE020220      Fibrous cartilage of Human sec.
   S – YHE030010      Smooth muscle islolated W.M.
   S – YHE030020      Smooth muscle T.S.and L.S.
   S – YHE030030      Skeletal muscle islolated W.M.
   S – YHE030041      Skeletal muscle T.S.and L.S.(hematoxylin staining).
   S – YHE030090      Cardiac muscle sec.(hematoxylin staining).
   S – YHE030110      Cardiac muscle islolated W.M.
   S – YHE040020      Neurcytes islolated W.M.
   S – YHE040030      Spinal cord T.S.(HE)
   S – YHE040050      Myelinated nerve fiber T.S.&L.S.
   S – YHE040060      Motor end plate W.M.(gold chloride.staining).
   S – YHE040100      Cerebrum of Rabbit sec.(HE)
   S – YHE040140      Spinal ganglion sec.
   S – YHE040180      Sympathetic nerve ganglion sec(HE).
   S – YHE040210      Cerebellar cortex purkinje cell sec.
   S – YHE040240      Spinal cord of Dog T.S.
   S – YHE050010      Heart sec.
   S – YHE050030      Cardiac valve sec.
   S – YHE050070      Large artery T.S.
   S – YHE050080      Large vein T.S.
   S – YHE060010      Lymphoid node sec.
   S – YHE060060      Spleen of Bull sec.
   S – YHE060110      Bursa Fabricii of Duck T.S.
   S – YHE060120      Thymus of Calf sec.
   S – YHE060170      Palatine tonsil of Human sec.
   S – YHE070010      Thyroid gland sec.