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Bridgman Furnace


1650C Bridgman Furnace for Directional
Solidification of Polycrystalline Ingots








BFCRY-1500 is a 1650C max. Bridgman furnace for directional solidification of Polycrystalline Ingots up to 37 mm diameter. Three individual controlled heating modules & speed adjustable cooling fans at furance exit provide advantages to create larger temp. gradient at the melt/crystal interface as needed. Automatic crucible retrieving system enables the most convenient way for sample loading/unloading. An optional crucible rotation stage can be added at additional cost for single crystal ingot growth.




■ Three stacked heating modules with independent temperature measurement and control enable
the flexibility of creating various temperature gradients along the length of the heated area

■ Two speed adjustable cooling fans with TC at the exit of the furnace allow the better control over
the temperature gradient at the melt/crystal interface

■ φ42mm Alumina sample pulling stage with TC attachment for accurate temperature monitoring of
the crucible on top and generate instant temperature plot

■ Electric elevated crucible stage enable an automatic and convenient sample loading / retrieving



Technical parameters:


Power Requirements 220VAC single phase, 50/60Hz, 9.5KW
Working Temperature Heating Element: Silicon molybdenum rod
Max. Working Temperature: 1650°C ( <1hr)
Continuous Operating Temperature: 1600°C
Processing Tube & Flange High purity alumina furnace tube, Size: φ80mm O.D. x 1000mm L
A pair of stainless steel flange is connected to both end of the processing
tube which allows for inert gas purging or vacuum during the crystal
growing proces
Sample Stage φ42X40mm H Alumina Sample Stage
B type thermocouple insert from the bottom of the sample stage for
accurate temperature measurement of the crucible
Crucible Retrieving
Automatic sample retrieving system for easy crucible loading /
unloading, 700mm max. travel distance
Heating Zones Three heating zones with independent temperature measurement and control
Three zones: 300mm (12″) long in total
100mm long for each zone
Temperature Control Three PID temp. controller with 30 programmable segments for precise
control of heating, cooling rate and dwell time.
Built-in overheating & broken thermocouple protection.
European Temperature controller, with +/- 0.1 ºC temperature accuracy.
Three B type thermocouples (one for each zone).
Cooling Fans One speed adjustable cooling fans are installed at the bottom exit of the furnace
Furnace Travel
Distance & Speed
As the furnace heater moves upward, the crucible is moving toward the
bottom exit of the furnace where the lower temperature is seen.
The maximum travel distance of the furnace heater is 200 mm.
Travel speed: 0.03-3 mm/hr
Vacuum Pump
(Not included)
10E-2 torr via dual stage mechanical vacuum pump
10E-5 torr via Turbo pump
The vacuum pump is optional.
Dimension Controller stage: 860mm L x 600mm W x 1220mm H
Furnace stage: 1170mm L X 910mm W X 2500mm H




BFCRY-1500 Bridgman Furnace Download Data Sheet