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Colony Counter


with 4 digit (0-9999) LED display.







Colony Counter


  • Contact manual colony counter: a pen gives three sigalsaudible, mark on the plate and addition on the display, anytime that a colony is counted.


  • A model accepts a stainless steel pen tip.


  • It counts by touching the agar directly.


  • It can be used for any media just changing the drak field by a transparent grid.



Major technical  parameter:


     Readoutz:    4 digit (0-9999) LED display
     Mangnification:    2-3X
     Petri-dish size:    60-150mm diameter
     Zero reset:    yes
     Count back:    yes
     Dimension:    40x30x30cm

Scope of supply:


01. Jan    Intrument
01. Feb    Flexiable loup holding rod
01. Mrz    Loup, Magnification 2-3X
01. Apr    SS pen tips
01. Mai    Power cabel
01. Jun    Operation Manaul