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Bacterial colony counter



Caxial lighting, 3 times enlargement, 9 times enlargement.






Bacterial colony counter



The Bacterial colony counter is a digital displayer for counting the germs, it is made of counter, pen, counting cell. The counter is made of CMOS integrated electric, LED Nixie tube. The word high is 15mm (6”), it is clear and brightness, work in private use pen, it is sensitive and accurate, there are two kinds of light source, and it is adjustable.

There are lights in the counting cell, it is clear of colony parallel. It is Convenient to observe.

Could be adjusted by pressing “-“or “+”. There is alarm to ensure counting correct.

The number is 0-999. If need to restart, could press “reset” key.

The magnifier can be adjusted to suitable position with flexible arm. The magnification is up to 3X. 

This equipment could less the experimenter’s labor intensity, increase the efficiency and quality.

It is widely used for bacilli inspection of food, drink, medicine, biological, make-up, health products, Water for drink, domestic sewage, and industrial water.

It is the required equipment of all kinds’ health station, environmental monitoring centre, food hygiene, testing centre, hospital, Institute of biological products, laboratory for the control of drugs, Commodity Inspection bureau, the made-up factory, the laboratory of university and scientific research institutions.




Technology parameter:


The volume of LED: 0-999
The height of the word: 15mm (6”)
Light power:12W(Min.) 28W(Max.)
Total power<50W
Colony center diameter: ø155mm
Suitable Petri Dishes: ø50-ø150mm
Dimension: 360×300×180mm
Weight: 4.3KG
Have the function of counting in bidirectional
Caxial lighting, 3 times enlargement, 9 times enlargement