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Glass Bioreactor

Glass Bioreactor

Glass Bioreactors


A bioreactor simulate a biologically active environment mainly used for product research and development.


we offer:

■ Lab Scale Glass Reactor Solution

■ Pilot Scale Glass Reactor Solution



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Glass Bioreactors


■ Benchtop scale for 1 L, 2L, 3L, 5L volume.
■ Floor type, Mobile Reactor for 10 to 100 L volume
■ Designed with vacuum gauge and temperature display unit.
■ High quality motor for stable stirring performance.
■ High quality stirrer sealing guide with high level of chemical resistance, anti-whip and reduced vibration, no shedding.
■ BRL Models : The reaction vessel and the lid can be separated, the glass vessel can be lifted up, and can be angled 120 degree both sides, which makes it more convenient to operate and clean.
■ Openings are sealed with flanges, ensuring higher vacuum degree, easy to disassemble.


Pilot Scale Glass Reactor Solution


■ Suitable for Pilot-scale solid-liquid separation process
■ Stainless steel supporting framework with beautifu l appearance and strang corrosion resistance;
■ High borosilicate glass vessel with strong corrasion resistance and wide range of application, the filtering process is visible.
■ Various options of filter plate.
■ The filter plate is convenient to remove and easy to clean and maintain.