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Human pneumonia sec

Human pneumonia sec

A typical human pathology slides.






Medical human pathology prepared slides for university-Human pneumonia sec.:


This slides is named Human pneumonia sec..
A typical human pathology slides.
The prepared slides we offer are professionally hand mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled.
Human pathology section: Tissue Injuy and Repair, Disturbances of Blood circulation, Diseases of Immmunity, Disease of Digestive System, Diseases of Haemopoietic System, Diseases of Urinary System, Disease of Genital System, Diseases of Nervous System, Diseases of Muscalar and Skeletal System, Diseases of Oral cavityand .
Staining method: Hematoxylin and Eeosin Staining,ect.




   S – YHP010010       Human myocardial hypertrophy sec.
   S – YHP010020       Human hyperplasia of prostate sec.
   S – YHP010030       Squamous metaplasia of bronchus sec. 
   S – YHP030030       Malignant lymphoma sec.
   S – YHP030040       Lymph node tuberculosis sec.
   S – YHP030050       Metastatic carcinoma of lymph node sec.
   S – YHP010070       Connective tissue vitreous degeneration sec.
   S – YHP010080       Vitreous degeneration of central arterys of spleen sec.
   S – YHP010090       Vitreous degeneration of renal arteriole sec.
   S – YHP010100       Vitreous degeneration of tubular epithelial cell sec.
   S – YHP010110       Human fibrinoid degeneration sec.
   S – YHP020010       Chronic pulmonary congestion of the lung sec.
   S – YHP020020       Chronic venous congestion of liver sec.
   S – YHP010140       Human granulation tissue sec.
   S – YHP010150       Human tissue system histiocytosis
   S – YHP010160       Human bronchiectasis sec.
   S – YHP010170       Human osseous metaplasia sec.
   S – YHP050010       Cutaneous papillomatosis sec. 
   S – YHP050170       Breast adenofibroma sec.
   S – YHP070020       Chronic bronchitis sec.
   S – YHP070050       Lobar pneumonia(red liver period)sec.
   S – YHP080010       Esophagus cancer sec.
   S – YHP080260       Well-differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
   S – YHP080270       Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
   S – YHP080280       Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
   S – YHP080310       Chronic poisoning hepatitis sec.
   S – YHP090010       Non-Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
   S – YHP090020       Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
   S – YHP100010       Diffuse hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
   S – YHP100040       Renal clear cell carcinoma sec.
   S – YHP100060       Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(1st-degree)sec.
   S – YHP100070       Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(2ed-degree)sec.
   S – YHP100080      Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(3rd-degree)sec.