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Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus sec

Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus sec

Human pathology prepared slides






Human pathology prepared slides:



   Product name:       Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus sec.
   Type:      Human pathology prepared slides
   Customers:      University,edical school,students,teachers,scientists,Scientific research personne
   Material:      Extract from fresh material;general glass,blank microscope glass
   Size:      76.2×25.4×1-1.2mm(3”x1”) length/width/thickness
   Packing:      We have 6/10/15/25/30/50/100pieces plastic slides box for one set, 
     and 10/12/15/16/26/50/100pieces wooden slides box for one set.
   Label:      We make the label by ourself ! usually in english languages,
     or at your requirement(Customer could choose to print labels in any languages)
   Price:      We are direct factory ! Welcome to inquiry !!



Manufacture Process:


Dyeing→ Dehydration→ Embedding→ Sectioning→ Unfold→ Drying→ Dewaxing→ Sealing piece→ Test→ Drying→ Quality inspection





   S – YHP010010      Human myocardial hypertrophy sec.
   S – YHP010020      Human hyperplasia of prostate sec.
   S – YHP010030      Squamous metaplasia of bronchus sec. 
   S – YHP030030      Malignant lymphoma sec.
   S – YHP030040      Lymph node tuberculosis sec.
   S – YHP030050      Metastatic carcinoma of lymph node sec.
   S – YHP010070      Connective tissue vitreous degeneration sec.
   S – YHP010080      Vitreous degeneration of central arterys of spleen sec.
   S – YHP010090      Vitreous degeneration of renal arteriole sec.
   S – YHP010100      Vitreous degeneration of tubular epithelial cell sec.
   S – YHP010110      Human fibrinoid degeneration sec.
   S – YHP020010      Chronic pulmonary congestion of the lung sec.
   S – YHP020020      Chronic venous congestion of liver sec.
   S – YHP010140      Human granulation tissue sec.
   S – YHP010150      Human tissue system histiocytosis
   S – YHP010160      Human bronchiectasis sec.
   S – YHP010170      Human osseous metaplasia sec.
   S – YHP050010      Cutaneous papillomatosis sec. 
   S – YHP050170      Breast adenofibroma sec.
   S – YHP070020      Chronic bronchitis sec.
   S – YHP070050      Lobar pneumonia(red liver period)sec.
   S – YHP080010      Esophagus cancer sec.
   S – YHP080260      Well-differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
   S – YHP080270      Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
   S – YHP080280      Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
   S – YHP080310      Chronic poisoning hepatitis sec.
   S – YHP090010      Non-Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
   S – YHP090020      Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
   S – YHP100010      Diffuse hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
   S – YHP100040      Renal clear cell carcinoma sec.
   S – YHP100060      Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(1st-degree)sec.
   S – YHP100070      Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(2ed-degree)sec.
   S – YHP100080      Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(3rd-degree)sec.
   S – YHP110010      Hysteroma sec.
   S – YHP110020      Carcinoma in-situ of cervix sec.
   S – YHP110240      Chronic endometritis sec.
   S – YHP110250      Pointed condyloma sec.
   S – YHP120030      Thyroid adenoma sec.
   S – YHP120040      Papillary adenocarcinoma of thyroid gland sec.
   S – YHP130010      Purulent meningitis sec.
   S – YHP130020      Epidemic encephalitis B sec. 
   S – YHP140010      Osteochondroma sec.
   S – YHP140020      Osteogenic sarcoma sec.
   S – YHP140030      Giant cell tumor of bone sec.
   S – YHP140040      Chondrosarcoma sec.
   S – YHP140010      Radicular cyst 
   S – YHP140020      Odontogenic keratocyst sec.
   S – YHP140030      Fibrous hyperplasia of bone sec.
   S – YHP140050      Chronic granulo matosis sec.
   S – YHP140110      Gingival tumor sec.