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RBB – series

RBB – series

Blood Bank Refrigerator includes a stable cooling system. Equipped with LED Display and integrated printer. Temperature range +4°C with 0,1 °C accuracy, suitable for Blood bags.






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Performance features:


■ Four sensors design: two for display and two for controlling.

Foam-glass door, easy to observe, also keep a better cooling temperature.

■ Forced air refrigeration system, ensure inner temperature constant and uniform.

■ Adjustable shelves, improve space utilization; blood storage baskets can be classified.

■ Individual transparent inner door, effectively reduce cool air loss when opening the door





Temp. Range

4.0 °C / ±1°C
Temp. Accuracy 0.1°C
Control System Microprocessor control
Display Large screen LED display
Alarm Audio and visual alarm for:
High or low temperature, Sensor failure, System failure; Door ajar;
Power failure (all models)
Condenser abnormal (for model: RBB-160/210)
Low battery (for model: RBB-120/300/400)
Refrigeration Type Forced air refrigeration system
Refrigerant R134a, CFC-Free
Compressor International famous compressor
Condenser & Evaporator High efficiency air-cooled condenser, made of copper
Defrost Auto defrost
Construction Unibody Design, Mono-assembly foaming 

(Rigid polyurethane insulation material)

Internal Material Stainless steel


Adjustable shelves
Casters 4 casters
Power Supply AC220V ±10%, 50/60Hz


Order information:


Article No. Model Description of Article                                                         
2.217.120 RBB-120 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 120L, +4°C, for 66 blood bags
2.217.160 RBB-160 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 160L, +4°C, for 80 blood bags
2.217.210 RBB-210 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 210L, +4°C, for 132 blood bags
2.217.250 RBB-250 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 250L, +4°C, for 120 blood bags
2.217.310 RBB-310 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 310L, +4°C, for 150 blood bags
2.217.650 RBB-650 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 650L, +4°C, for 360 blood bags
2.217.001 RBB-1000 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 1000L, +4°C, for 576 blood bags