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AAS –series






AAS –series


Introducing our AAS-series, a state-of-the-art single beam optical technology meticulously designed to harness a high energy throughput, delivering unparalleled detection limits and heightened sensitivity.




   Wavelength range       190-900 nm
   Wavelength accuracy       ±0.25nm
   Resolution       Two spectral lines of Mn at 279.5nm and 279.8nm can be separated 
     with the spectral bandwidth of 0.2nm and valley-peak energy ratio less than 30%.
   Baseline stability       ≤0.004A/30min
   Background correction      The D2 lamp background correction capability at 1A is better than 30 times.   
     The S-H background correction capability at 1.8A is better than 30 times. (only for AAS-10A/12A)


Hollow Cathode Lamps:


   Lamp turret      6-lamp turret (AAS-10A/12A), 4-lamp turret (AAS-13A)
     Auto-alignment, fully automated scan and peak-picking.
   Lamp current adjustment      Automatic adjustment and display. 
     Wide pulse current: 0~25mA            
     Narrow pulse current: 0~10mA                  
   Lamp power supply mode      400Hz square wave pulse
     100Hz Narrow square wave pulse + 400Hz wide square wave pulse (AAS-10A/12A)


Optical System:


   Monochromator      Single beam, Czerny-Turner design grating monochromator
   Grating      1800 l/mm
   Focal length      277mm
   Blazed Wavelength      250nm
   Spectral Bandwidth      0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.2nm automatic change.


Flame Atomizer:


   Burner      10cm single slot all-titanium burner    
   Spray chamber      Corrosion resistant all-plastic spray chamber.
   Nebulizer      High efficiency glass nebulizer with metal sleeve, sucking up rate: 6-7mL/min
   Emission burner      Provided with AAS-10A/12A


Graphite Furnace:


   Temperature range      Room temperature~3000 ºC
   Heating rate      2000 °C/s
   Graphite tube dimensions      ( L xOD) 28 x 8mm
   Characteristic mass       Cd ≤ 0.8 ×10-12 g, Cu ≤ 5 ×10-12 g, Mo ≤ 1 ×10-11 g
   Precision      Cd ≤ 3%, Cu ≤ 3%, Mo ≤ 4%


Detection and Data Processing System:


   Detector      R928 Photomultiplier with high sensitivity and wide spectral range. 
   Software      Windows operating system
   Analytical method      Working curve auto-fitting; standard addition method; automatic sensitivity correction; 
     automatic calculation of concentration and content.
   Repeat times      Maximum 20 times of repeat measurement, automatic calculation of mean value, 
     standard deviation and relative standard deviation.
   Multi-task function      Sequential measurement of multi-elements in one sample
   Condition reading      With model function
   Result printing      Measurement data and final analytical report printout, editing with Excel.
   Port      Standard RS-232 serial port communication


Characteristic Concentration and Detection Limit:


   Normal Air-C2H2 flame      Cu: Characteristic concentration≤0.025mg/L, Detection limit≤0.006mg/L;
   Oxygen-rich       Ba:  Characteristic concentration ≤ 0.22mg/L
   Air- C2H2 flame      Al: Characteristic concentration ≤ 0.4mg/L (for AAS-10A)


Function Expansion:

Hydride vapor generator can be connected for hydride analysis


Dimensions and weight:


   Main unit  (LxWxH)      1020 x 490 x 540 mm / Net weight : 80kg
   Graphite furnace (LxWxH)      420 x 420 x 460 mm / Net weight : 50kg


Ordering Information:


   Model      Description of Article                                                         
   AAS-13A      4-lamp turret, Air-C2H2 flame, Hollow Cathode Lamps : Cu, Mn, Hg,Cd
     D2 lamp background correction 
   AAS-12A      6-lamp turret, Air-C2H2 flame, Emission burner, Hollow Cathode Lamps : Cu, Mn, Hg,Cd
     D2 & S-H background correction
   AAS-10A      6-lamp turret, Air-C2H2 flame and patented air-C2H2-O2 flame, Emission burner 
     Hollow Cathode Lamps : Cu, Mn, Hg, Cd, Ba, D2 & S-H background correction
     Al: Characteristic concentration ≤ 0.4mg/L (for AAS-10A)