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AAS –series






AAS –series



Discover the AAS-32, an exceptional flame type analytical instrument featuring microprocessor control for precise operations. With its user-friendly LED display and D2 background correction, this advanced device ensures accurate and reliable measurements for your analytical needs. Experience seamless analysis and efficient research with the AAS-32.





   Wavelength range       190-900 nm
   Wavelength accuracy       ±0.5nm
   Resolution       Two spectral lines of Mn at 279.5nm and 279.8nm can be separated with
     the spectral bandwidth of 0.2nm and valley-peak energy ratio less than 30%.
   Baseline stability       ≤0.005A/30min
   Background correction      The D2 lamp background correction capability at 1A is better than 30 times.   


Light Source System:


2 lamps are powered simultaneously (one preheating)

   Lamp current adjustment range:      0~20mA,         
   Lamp power supply mode      400Hz square wave pulse


Optical System:


   Monochromator      Single beam, 
     Czerny-Turner design grating monochromator
   Grating      1800 l/mm
   Focal length      277mm
   Blazed Wavelength      250nm
   Spectral Bandwidth      0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.2nm , 4 steps.
   Adjustment      Manual adjustment for wavelength and slit


Flame Atomizer:


   Burner      10cm single slot all-titanium burner    
   Spray chamber      Corrosion resistant all-plastic spray chamber.
   Nebulizer      High efficiency glass nebulizer with metal sleeve, sucking up rate: 6-7mL/min
   Position adjustment      Manual adjusting mechanism for vertical, 
     horizontal positions and the rotation angle of the burner
   Gas line protection      Fuel gas leakage alarm


Detection and Data Processing System:


   Detector      R928 Photomultiplier with high sensitivity and wide spectral range. 
   Electronic and micro-      Automatic adjustment of light source power. 
   Computer system      Light energy and negative high-voltage auto-balance
   Display mode      LED display of energy and measurement values, concentration direct reading
   Read mode      Transient, time average, peak height, peak area.
     Integral time is selectable in the range of 0.1-19.9s.
   Scale expansion      0.1~99
   Data processing mode      Automatic calculation of mean, standard deviation and relative standard deviation. 
     Repeating  number is in the rang of 1-99
   Measurement mode      Automatic curve fitting with 3~7 standards;  Sensitivity autocorrection
   Result printing      Measurement data, working curve, 
     signal profile and analytical conditions can all be printed out.
   Instrument self-check      Check current status of each function key


Characteristic Concentration and Detection Limit:


   Normal Air-C2H2 flame      Cu: Characteristic concentration≤0.025mg/L, Detection limit≤0.006mg/L;


Function Expansion:


Hydride vapor generator can be connected for hydride analysis


Dimensions and weight:


   Main unit  (LxWxH)      1020 x 490 x 540 mm / Net weight : 80kg


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