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Ordering Information:


   Article No.      Description of Article
   0.243.010      Diffuse/Specular Reflectance
   0.243.011      Horizontal ATR (ZnSe or KRS-5 crystal)
   0.243.012      Horizontal ATR for Liquid (ZnSe)
   0.243.013      Single reflection ATR (Diamond crystal)
   0.243.014      Single reflection ATR (ZnSe crystal)
     Needed for gas sample measurement
   0.243.015      Gas cell with KBr window plates (100mm path length)
     Needed for liquid sample measurement
   0.243.016      Demoutable Liquid cell (with KBr window plates)
     Needed for solid sample measurement
     Soild sample preperation set
   0.243.021      15T
     KBr hydraulic press  (including die set)
   0.243.023      Mortar and pestle Ø 50
   0.243.024      Mortar and pestle Ø 70
   0.243.030      KBr Window plate (Ø 25 x 4) for liquid cell
   0.243.031      CaF2 Window plate ( light path 0.15mm, for for fixed liquid cel l)
   0.243.031      CaF2 Window plate (Ø 25 x 4) for liquid cell
   0.243.032      BaF2 Window plate (Ø 25 x 4) for liquid cell
   0.243.035      KBr powder spectroscopic grade (25g/bottle)
   0.243.036      KBr powder analytical grade (500g/bottle) (Potassium Promide )
   0.243.050      PC-Work station
     PC ( FTOS software installed ) with TFT screen, Keyboard, Mouse, XP-Windows