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Introducing the SCO Tech Spectrophotometers, featuring a remarkable spectral range from 7800 to 350 cm-1, providing extensive coverage for your analytical needs. With a superior resolution of better than 0.85 cm-1, our spectrophotometers ensure precise and detailed data for accurate measurements.

Experience exceptional performance with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 15,000:1, delivering reliable and high-quality results. Whether you’re conducting research, quality control, or analysis in various fields, our spectrophotometers guarantee optimal performance and efficiency.

Join the forefront of scientific advancements with SCO Tech Spectrophotometers, empowering your laboratory with cutting-edge technology for unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Trust SCO Tech for your spectroscopy needs and elevate your scientific endeavors to new heights.




   Spectral Range:      7800 to 350 cm-1
   Resolution:      better than 0.85cm-1  ( FTIR-1)
   Wavenumber Precision:      ±0.01cm-1
   Scanning Speed:      5-step adjustable for different applications
   Signal to noise ratio:      better than 15,000:1 (RMS value, at 2100cm-1
     resolution: 4cm-1, detector: DTGS, 1 minute data collection)
   Beam splitter:      Ge coated KBr
   Infrared Source:      Air-cooled, high efficiency Reflex Sphere module
   Detector:      DTGS
   Data system:      Compatible computer
   Software:      FT-IR software contains all routines needed for basic spectrometer operations,
     including library search, quantitation and spectrum export
   IR Library:      11 IR libraries (Optinal)
   Dimensions:      54 x 52 x 26 cm
   Weight:                       28kg


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   Model      Description of Article                                                         
   FTIR-1      Spectral range: 7800 ~ 350 cm-1,Resolution: 
     better than 0.85cm-1,Signal-to-noise ratio: 15,000:1