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Biosafety Cabinets, Class III

Biosafety Cabinets, Class III

LF-III Biosafety Cabinet


Class III Biosafety Cabinet is totally enclosed and gas-tight with ULPA filtered supply and exhaust air. Work is performed with long-sleeved gloves. The cabinet is kept under negative pressure of at least 120Pa and the airflow is maintained by a dedicated exterior exhaust system. It can protect the operator, product and the environment.







Biological Safety Cabinet Class III



■ With memory function in case of power-failure.
■ UV lamp ensures work area sterilization effectively.
■ An angled cabinet front ensure an ergonomic working posture.
■ Exhaust air is double-filtered through high-quality HEPA filters with typical efficiency of 99.999% for 0.3μmparticles.


Order Informations:


Article No. Model Description
0.380.3154 LF-III 154 Biosafety Cabinet , Class III, 1540mm width
0.380.3179 LF-III 179 Biosafety Cabinet , Class III, 1790mm width








Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide the highest level of containment, allowing to manipulate up to risk group 4 pathogen in a safe way. The Safe3 series cabinets have been built according to the most stringent parameters defined by the EN12469:2000 and include an exclusive four filter system to provide even more protection to operators and environment!



■ Transfer hatch with interlocked doors
■ 2 filters air inlet (one G4 + one H14 HEPA)
■ 2 filters air outlet (two H14 HEPA)
■ Magnehelic gauge to monitor operating pressure at a glance
■ Volt-free connector for controlling remote exhaust fan
■ Two gloves (size selectable)
■ Size: 1.2


Order Informations:


Article No. Model
. .
LT20000 Safe3, Class III 1.2 Microbiological safety Cabinet with left side pass throught,

includes UV on top of the working chamber.

ATTENTION: select a gloves set when ordering

AST2000 Stand for Safe3 1.2
AZ40901 Neoprene gloves set for Safe3 – Size 8
AZ40902 Neoprene gloves set for Safe3 – Size 9
AZ40903 Neoprene gloves set for Safe3 – Size 10
Ducted Exhaust Accessories
AZ10000 Motorised remote extraction kit for all models 230V- 50Hz

Other options

AC10000 2- drawers file cabinet for all models

Standard Utilities Included:
– 1 Schuko/EuroPlug socket
– Voltage free contact
– UV lamp on top of the working chamber
– Passive transition adapter
– Magnehelic gauge