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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

LF – Cyto


The Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet is the premium solution for cytotoxic / antineoplastic drug processing, providing the highest level of patient, pharmacist and environmental protection.
The unique demands of handling and preparing cytotoxic drugs for use in chemotherapy require a specialized cabinet.





LF – Cyto


Introducing our cutting-edge Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet at SCO Tech – the epitome of safety for handling cytotoxic substances. Engineered with precision, this safety cabinet offers a controlled environment to protect operators and samples during sensitive procedures. With advanced filtration systems, it ensures containment of hazardous aerosols and particles, ensuring the safety of your team and surroundings. Trust in the excellence of our Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet to enhance your lab’s safety standards and maintain a secure workspace. Learn more about this state-of-the-art solution on our website!




Remote Control 
All functions can be realized with it,making the operation much easeir and more convenient.


LCD Display
Large digital display is easy to monitor all the safety Parameters at a glance

and ergonomically sizedcontrol panel improves users interface.


UV Lamp
Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination.


Water and Gas Taps
High quality stainless steel.


Front Window 
Motorized ,Two-layer laminated toughened glass>5mm,anti UV.


Bag In and Bag Out Fliter 
The PVC bag can ensure the safety of the  personnel and the environment,

and make the replacement process convenient and quick.





Order information:
Article No. Model Description
0.380.6091 LF-Cyto 91 Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet, 91 cm width
0.380.6122 LF-Cyto 122 Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet, 122 cm width

BioAir cytotoxic drugs preparation Cabinet Safemate Cyto has been designed and built according to DIN12980

and EN12469:2000 standards and provides the laboratory technician with the maximum level of safety

against inhalation of aerosols generated during the
reconstitution protocols.




■ Triple HEPA H14 filtration system
■ V-shaped anti obstruction front grill
■ Electrically operated front glass
■ Tight seal closure system
■ Full stainless-steel working area
■ Sizes: 1.2, 1.8


Order information:
Article No. Model   /   Description
LY74000 S@femate Cyto 1.2 floor standing (50/60Hz)
LY74100 S@femate Cyto 1.2 floor standing with provision for backwall monitor (50/60Hz) – Monitor size up to 560x380mm
LY40000 S@femate Cyto 1.8 floor standing
Other accessories on request:

■ Ducted Exhaust Accessories

■ Ducted Activated charcoal filter exhaust kits

■ Non Ducted Activated charcoal filter exhaust kits

■ Other options: certification ….