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Digital Hand Refractometer


Clinical Laboratory Refractometer.





High precision digital refractometer for clinical use, especially for Urine specific gravity measurement.


The instrument is CE approved.





Fda Approved CE approved
Display Digital Yes
Specific Gravity
Measuring Range 1.000-1.090
Minimum Scale ±0.001
Accuracy ±0.001
Measuring Time 1 to 3 sec
Refractive Index
Range 1.3330-1.4098
Accuracy ±0.0002
Serum Protein Readout 0.0 – 12.0
Light Source Ambient
Eyepiece Nil ( Digital display )
Sample Volume 0.2 ml
Temperature  Range Operation temperature:
0 °C ( 32 °F) – 40 °C ( 104 °F).
Calibration Automatic
Power Standard 9V battery

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Article No. Model Description of Article
0.529.001 RD-700 Clinical Laboratory Refractometer