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RHD 90

Digital Hand Refractometer


ATC , 1.3330-1.5318 nD • 0-95% Brix.






This portable Laboratory Digital Refractometer is a precision optical instrument which is designed to measure the concentration of soluble material (almost 100% sugar) in solutions of fruit juice and other fluids. The unit features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) which makes temperature standardized Brix scale. It is accurate and easy to read. The results are given by digital display.





Indicator LCD Display
Measurement Range 1.3330-1.5318 nD  •  0-95% Brix
Resolution ± 0.0002 nD            •  ±0.1% Brix
Accuracy 0.0001 nD               •  0.1% Brix
Temperature compensation  5-40°C
Interface RS232
Power Supply 9 V block battery
Dimensions 180 X 100 X 60 mm
Weight 900 g

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Article No. Model Description of Article
0.529.043 RHD 90 Digital Hand Refractometer, ATC ,  1.3330-1.5318 nD  •  0-95% Brix