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RHD 45

Digital Hand Refractometer


ATC , 0.0%—45% Brix ; 0.0%—26%, ALC; 0.0—38 °Babo; 0.0—24 °Be; 0—200 °Oe.





Handheld Digital Refractometer


The RHD – Handheld Digital Refractometer is perfect for precise measurements of dissolved substances in liquids, including salt, sugar, starch, and serum protein in blood, as well as industrial materials like oil, fat, and coolants. With versatile applications in the food industry, medical field, and more, these refractometers are user-friendly, displaying results on a digital screen. Powered by batteries, they can be easily used outdoors for convenient handling. Trust in the RHD – Handheld Digital Refractometer for accurate and efficient measurements in various industries. Explore this advanced tool on our website now!






Range 0.0%—45% Brix
0.0%—26%  ALC
0.0—38  °Babo
0.0—24 °Be
0—200 °Oe
Resolution 0.1% Brix
Accuracy ± 0,2% Brix
Temp.Range 0 – 40°C
ATC Range: 5 – 40°C
ATC Accuracy ± 0,2 % Brix
Power: 4x 1.5 V  / Dry Cell
Power Consumption 30mA working / 3uA sleeping
Dimension 142 x 56 x 26 mm
Weigh 120g with cells

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Article No. Model Description of Article
0.529.042 RHD45 Digital Hand Refractometer, ATC ,  0.0%—45% Brix ; 0.0%—26%, ALC; 0.0—38  °Babo; 0.0—24 °Be; 0—200 °Oe